Radial Shockwave Therapy Las Vegas, Nevada

What is Radial Shockwave Therapy?

Radial Shockwave Therapy Las Vegas, Nevada – Are you currently suffering from musculoskeletal pain, chronic or acute heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints or calf strains? Are you seeking a non-invasive and drug free treatment for your chronic pain? If so, you may find solace through Shockwave Therapy Treatment.

  • What exactly is Shockwave Therapy? Shockwave Therapy is considered the best alternative treatment to surgery by helping heal musculoskeletal pain, chronic or acute heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, calf strains and much more. One of the biggest benefits of Shockwave therapy is that it is a non-invasive (requiring absolutely no incisions into the body) and drug free form of treatment for chronic and aching pain. In other words, if you do not wish to go through (sometimes) unnecessary and risky surgeries to help heal your pain, you should strongly consider Shockwave Therapy.


  • How does Shockwave Therapy heal my pain? Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment (ESWT) involves delivering high energy sound waves (also known as acoustical energy) to the areas in pain, causing micro-trauma and controlled injury at the area affected, leading to the formation of blood vessels in order to trigger the body’s natural repair responses and healing mechanisms. In addition, the sound waves caused by Shockwave Therapy may also release adhesions and scarring to help increase mobility, optimizing the entire healing process. Meticulous studies have shown an impressive 60-80% success rate in significantly reducing or eliminating pain.


  • How does the procedure work? The Shockwave Therapy treatment is incredibly fast, usually about 20-30 minutes, utilizing the low energy shock waves to help trigger the settlement of your pain once and for all. ESWT is done in the comfort of your Shockwave Therapy Doctor’s office. These pressure waves are directed by your doctor to the area in pain and penetrate the area in order to stimulate the healing process within your own body.

What’s happens afterwards? After the treatment is over, you may experience some very minor discomfort. Schedule follow up appointments with your doctor in order to continue well on your way to recovery. The healing process is generally dependent on each individual, consulting with your doctor will help them get an idea of healing time for your individual case.

Is Radial Shockwave Right For Me?

Do you suffer from tennis elbow, golfers elbow, jumpers knee (patellar tendinitis), achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis or rotator cuff tendinitis and you live in Las Vegas, Nevada area?

If you answer YES to the 4 questions below you may be a candidate for Radial Shockwave:

  1. Do you have pain in your heel, elbow, knee, shins, feet or shoulder?
  2. Have you been diagnosed with Lateral/Medial Epicondylitis (tennis or golfers elbow), Rotator cuff tendinosis or calcification, Shin splints, Patellar tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, Plantar fasciitis or Hallux Rigidus (stiff big toe).
  3. Has your pain been present longer than 3-6 months?
  4. Have you tried other treatments including but not limited to physiotherapy, massage or chiropractic and these treatments failed to resolve your pain?

In order to qualify for Radial Shockwave you must also answer NO to the following 4 questions:

  1. Have you had a cortisone injection in the past 30 days?
  2. Do you have any bleeding disorders or blood circulation disturbances?
  3. Do you have cancer that is not in remission?
  4. If female, are you pregnant?

If you have answered YES to the initial 4 questions and NO to the last 4 questions, that is GREAT, you are a candidate for this state of the art treatment for chronic non-responsive pain. Ultimately only after an assessment by a qualified professional can it be determined if Radial Shockwave Therapy is the right treatment for your condition.

Please make sure that you seek treatment from a qualified and licensed physiotherapist or physician. Under the care of these professionals you can know that the treatment is being applied for the right diagnosis, on the right problem, under the right circumstance and at the right time.