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IPL Skin Care

Having healthy-looking skin can help you maintain a youthful appearance, but there’s a host of aesthetic concerns that you may face as you age. For some people, it’s sun damage and brown spots. For others, it’s a red or flushed appearance or broken capillaries.

Whether or not you notice these signs of aging on your face, your arms, your legs, or another area of your body, restoring even-toned skin can make a dramatic difference. IPL treatment can offer this change. The treatment can provide benefits similar to those of laser resurfacing and chemical peel—with less discomfort and a shorter recovery.

About the IPL Machine

What is an IPL:

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It is a treatment that sends broadband light through the skin for the purpose of rejuvenation. IPL can improve several facial imperfections, including red facial veins, flushing and rosacea. IPL photo rejuvenation penetrates deep into the skin and causes collagen and blood vessels below the epidermis to constrict, reducing redness and age lines. This procedure involves only small amount of discomfort, and any redness and swelling that can sometimes occur after treatment goes away shortly. Most benefits of IPL will occur gradually in the weeks following your treatment.

Benefits of IPL:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Pigment removal
  • Vascular removal
  • Acne removal
  • Wrinkle removal

Who is a Good Candidate for an IPL?

While IPL is capable of helping many people with their skin concerns, there are some types of skin that do not respond as well to the treatment:

  • Darker complexions
  • Tanned skin
  • Spray tans
  • Recently-tanned skin

For men, it is important to note that the beard and mustache areas can experience patchy hair loss after an IPL photofacial is performed, so it is best to avoid those areas during treatment.

IPL is Safe!

IPL Therapy is one of the safest light-based treatments available! Most patients experience little or no pain during treatment.

The Procedure

Before the treatment begins, a cool gel is applied to the area. As most individuals are able to tolerate IPL with minimal discomfort, anesthetic is generally not necessary. A quick, safe pulse of light is then emitted from a hand piece to the area being treated. Depending on the treated areas, each session lasts approximately 20-30 minutes.

After an IPL session is completed, the individual may experience slight redness and feel as though they have a sunburn for the rest of the day, but no down time is required after treatment.

Multiple IPL sessions are encouraged to achieve best results if you are seeking to remedy multiple skin issues.

IPL Side Effects

The side effects of IPL treatment go away within a few hours. For some patients, the redness or dark spots may take up to a week to fade and disappear. Patients treated for severe acne can experience slightly longer recovery times.


The recovery time from an IPL is often very short. There is very little damage done to the skin during treatment. Depending on the skin malady you are seeking to remedy, as well as your skin type, the redness that is present following the procedure may persist for a longer or shorter period of time. The most important things to remember following IPL treatment are to avoid the sun for several days and to wear plenty of sunblock for at least two weeks. Intense pulsed light therapy can give you excellent results for a year or more, but you must take care to ensure your skin is protected for the first few weeks after treatment.


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